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What are your goals for your home remodel? For most homeowners better curb appeal tops the list. If you’re going through the trouble, and let’s be honest, the expense of an exterior home remodel, you might as well get all the benefit you can from it. When you choose energy efficient options, you’ll see more benefits that if you just choose whatever your designer or architect recommend.

Lower Energy Bills & A More Comfortable Home

These two benefits go hand in hand. When your home is better insulated through replacement windows and either siding with insulation or a house wrap, you’re going to be more comfortable. Rooms that were once drafty, either due to older windows or poorly affixed siding, are no longer so. And when your first electric bill arrives, you’ll see the savings whether you’re cooling or heating your home. If it’s time for a new roof as well, consider either a lighter color architectural shingle roof or even a cool roofing product to maximize the benefits.

Tax Incentives

There are currently several tax incentives available to homeowners who make energy efficient upgrades during their exterior home remodel. Talk to your tax professional, but most new ENERGY STAR® rated windows qualify. Installing insulation beneath your siding may also qualify for a tax incentive. They can advise you as to what other changes you can make to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Environmental Benefits

One of the reasons we decided to focus on energy efficient options this month is because April 23 was Earth Day. And energy efficient exterior home remodel that lowers your heating and cooling costs means you’re using less energy. That can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants associated with energy production.

Increased Home Value

Although the fact that your home has better curb appeal will alone increase your home value, being able to share with prospective buyers the energy efficient upgrades can further increase a home’s resale value. Now that it’s a buyer’s market, being able to show your lower heating and cooling costs may be just what you need for a home buyer to choose your home over another. Especially if they want lower monthly utility bills, a more comfortable living space and to help the environment.

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