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Whether you’re replacing your roof because it’s time or you’ve had storm damage, you may want to consider choosing a new roof shingle color. There are many reasons to consider a change. Some people want a roof that helps with their energy efficiency goals. Others have changed other exterior elements which means a new color would make more sense. Maybe you just never loved your current roof shingle color. Whatever your reason, we have some tips to help you make the right choice.

Energy Efficiency

There are ENERGY STAR® shingle colors available from many manufacturers. These shingles are light in color and include more reflective properties. If you are considering this option and live in a community with an HAO, check with them before getting too far into the process. If you just want to lower your energy costs without an ENERGY STAR shingle, look at lighter colors like tans, light greys and even some of the color blend shingles. Also, choose an architectural shingle as they are thicker than a 3-tab and they increase a home’s energy efficiency, especially in the winter.

Coordinate with Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you’ve changed your home’s exterior or your builder simply put the same roof on every home in your neighborhood, you should want your roof shingle color to compliment the rest of your home. We recommend that you look at your siding, windows, gutters and trim. If you already have lots of color on your home, consider a plain and neutral shingle. If you have a neutral color home you may want a color blend shingle to add some color. Of course, if you’re looking for classic, black or grey are always an option.

Look at Actual Shingles in Different Conditions

Although tools like the shingle visualizer from GAF is helpful, seeing shingles in person is always a good option. The roofing company you’re considering should have shingle boards with each manufacturer’s shingles. Look at those against your home in both the sun and shade. If you’re able to keep the examples for a few days look at them on both a sunny and cloudy day. You can also drive around neighborhoods with newer roofs and see how different shingles look on different roofs. Take a picture and ask your roofer as they’ll be able to identify the color or share with you something similar.

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