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your roofing company can help you choose your roofing color for your new roofIn our last blog we talked about the different shingle styles. Today we’re going to give you guidance on choosing the right shingle color for your new roof. Different shingles styles come in different colors, so you’ll want to choose a style before trying to pick a color. The manufacturers also offer slightly different colors so if you have a specific brand of shingles you want, you may want to make sure you’re working with a roofing contractor who offers that brand before you start looking at colors. Here are the steps we recommend in choosing the color shingles for your roof replacement.

Know Your Neighborhood

Although some neighborhoods have specific rules from their HOA about acceptable colors, yours may not. Take a look around at the homes in your community and decide what you like and don’t like. Make sure to look at how the different colors and shades appear on homes that are similar in color to yours. If the homes in your neighborhood all look very similar, you don’t want your house to stand out but you may not want it to look exactly like the houses right next door.

Consider Your Home’s Existing Colors

If you’re considering a total home makeover, you can skip this step and work with your exterior renovation company on designing a new color pallet. However, if you’re just getting a new roof, you’ll want it to look great with your current siding, shutters and trim. If your home’s exterior has lots of color, consider a neutral roof in grey, black, or tan. For homes that are earth toned, you may want to stay with an earth-tone shingle to complete that look. However, if your home is plain with just one color siding, you may want to look at some of the color blend shingles and give your home some dimension and style.

Choose Something You Love

Unless your HOA mandates a specific color shingle, you should choose something you love for your new roof. Barring any extreme weather events, your roof replacement should last at least 20 years with proper maintenance so you’re going to live with those shingles for a long time.

Cooley Roofing and Construction can help you with the right style and color shingles for your home. We also offer new siding and windows if you’re considering a total exterior home makeover. Let us help you choose the perfect color pallet for a home with superior curb appeal. Call 366-766-6488 today for your free roof replacement estimate.


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