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If it’s time for a roof replacement, you’re going to have many decisions to make. One of those is the shingle style. The right shingle style for your new roof comes down to personal taste, your home’s style and your budget. Whether you’re looking at GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed or another brand shingles, you’ll have options.

3 Primary Shingle Style Categories

There are three main categories of asphalt shingles. Each manufacturer may call them something slightly different, however, they are generally categorized as:

  • 3-tab – For decades this was the most popular (and only) option. It’s the most budget friendly one and generally lasts anywhere from ten to 20 years depending on maintenance and the weather. These are defined by the fact there are three tabs or shingles to each shingle strip.
  • Architectural – Growing in popularity for their increased durability over 3-tab and their dimensional appearance, they are sometimes called dimensional shingles. Rather than looking flat and straight, they have different angular cuts creating the look of shake style shingles.
  • Designer – Although different manufacturers call their designer lines by different names, these shingles come in specialty styles including scalloped, diamond and u-shaped for a designer look on your roof.

How to Choose the Right One

We recommend starting with your HOA if you have one. They may require one style shingle. If you’re clear there, then you and your roofing company should talk about the options you like that fit in your budget.

Next, we recommend looking at the features you want in your new shingles. If you are getting a new roof because of hail damage, perhaps you want to consider a shingle with impact resistance. Or, if you’re tired of the stains and streaks on your roof, look at one with stain resistant technology. Wind resistance is another desired feature. Most designer and architectural shingles have a higher wind rating than three-tab shingles.

Finally, look at the color options that work with your HOA and house color while keeping in mind the features you want. Consider how they’ll look on your home. You may also want to look at neighboring homes or those with a similar color scheme before you finalize your selection.

Let Cooley Roofing Help

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