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new sidingToday’s siding is vastly different from the siding you have on your home today. It not only has a higher R-value keeping your home more comfortable, but it’s available in more styles and colors than ever before. If you’re ready to call a siding company to remake your home, think about what type of siding you might like and how it will make your home stand out in your neighborhood.


The first big difference in siding today is that it’s no longer just flat pieces of vinyl or metal. Today’s technology allows for intricate patterns that mimic real wood. This means even if you choose traditional lap style siding that your home will have more dimension and look more like real wood than your current siding, all without the maintenance that wood siding comes with.


The styles available include different board widths, vertical siding, Dutch lap, shake, and scalloped to name a few. As you’re choosing the style board you want, consider mixing a few different options. For example, add vertical siding or a shake style siding to a dormer or bump out on your home. They’re also great options for gables. Vertical siding can be done on the entire exterior, but works best with barn or country homes rather than those in a sub-division. One of the latest trends is putting different width boards together in a single space. It creates a unique visual design without seeming overly busy. Just make sure you and your siding company have worked out the pattern and the installers follow it properly.


There is virtually no end to the different siding colors available. You’ll want to check with your HOA on what’s allowed before you make any final decisions. It’s perfectly acceptable to mix just colors or both styles and colors. When you and your siding company begin designing your home, look at the houses around you and the elements of the home that you’re not changing like the front door, garage door and window trim. You don’t want clashing colors or to make your home seem too busy.

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