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color trends in windows and siding

If you’re planning on remodeling your home’s exterior in 2020 and want to use the latest trends to influence your decision, today’s blog can help. All the different paint manufacturers and home designers have their opinions of what’s trending, however, there are many that are the same between the all the paint manufacturers and exterior remodelers. Here are a few color trends for your windows and siding you might want to consider.


As long as farmhouse styling continues to be a trend, white will continue to be a popular color for home exteriors, especially windows and siding. One of the benefits of white is that you can choose a home that’s entirely white with a black or dark roof or you can choose white for parts of your home. White as an accent or white for the primary color with a deep blue or other trending color is great with white. Both siding and windows work in white.

Earth Tones

When you look at both Behr’s and Sherwin Williams’ color pallets of the year, you’ll see earth tones. Greens that resemble moss and blues of the sky and tans and golds in wheat and the sunsets are all great earth tone options. One of the great things about earth tones is that there are so many ways to combine them. Greens go with browns. Tans go with blues. Golds work with greens, browns and blues. Another benefit is if you’re not going to replace both your windows and siding, you can find an earth tone that will compliment any color window that you already have in your home.


Grey continues to be one of the hottest colors for all areas of the home from interior walls to cabinets to the exterior of the home. If you’re looking at re-siding your home, grey is a great option. You can choose dark trim and dark windows or white trim and windows or even bright colors. Grey is great when you want a color that fits into any community and style home. Although grey windows aren’t a common option, both black and white windows work well with grey siding.

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