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commercial roof maintenance tipsIf you haven’t climbed up on your roof yet this season, it’s time to get up there and follow these commercial roof maintenance tips. When you perform regular maintenance, your roof lasts longer and you end up spending less over its lifetime. When you realize you need more than just simple maintenance, call your commercial roofer.

Tip #1

Remove all debris. It’s amazing what ends up on your roof in just a short time. We’ve seen everything from blown plastic bags to tree debris and trash left by other contractors. Anything left on your roof that shouldn’t be there has the potential to cause problems. If you have lots of rotting leaves or other organic material, make sure it hasn’t compromised the roof deck.

Tip #2

Trim back overhanging branches. If your building has trees around it and the branches hang over your roof, trimming them back provides several benefits. First, in the event of a strong wind event, the branch can’t fall and damage your roof if it’s been removed. Second, depending on your roof’s material, tree branches blowing in the wind that continuously rub on your roof will eventually cause damage. Third, tree branches are wonderful “bridges” for rodents to your roof’s surface and you don’t want to encourage them, as cleaning up after them and removing them add to your commercial roof maintenance needs. Lastly, when the leaves fall, they’ll fall on your roof, which means if you have a flat roof, those leaves are just going to sit until you clean them off.

Tip #3

Clear your drains or gutters. One of the biggest causes of a roof leak is when your roof has standing water. A flat roof, of course, is more prone to standing water than a steep slope roof. However, clogged gutters on your steep slope roof plus spring rain equates to gutters filled with water and the shingles sit in the edges hastening their deterioration. If you notice a puddle on your flat roof, you’ll want to reach out to your commercial roofer to find out if there is an issue.

Tip #4

Plan regular professional commercial roof maintenance. You should reach out to your commercial roofer at least once a year for them to provide you with their professional commercial roof maintenance services. This often includes sealing seams, checking skylights, repairing flashing and other work that helps to keep your roof protecting your business. If you don’t have a commercial roofer you trust, call Cooley Roofing and Siding. We offer full residential and commercial roof maintenance services. We can be reached at 366-766-6488 or by filling out our contact form.

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