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commercial roofingThere are two classifications of commercial roofing, low slope and steep slope. Steep slope buildings can have the same roofing materials as a home with a peaked roof, with the most common in our area being asphalt shingles. However, flat roofing has many different roofing materials, some of which are more common today than others.


Built-Up Roofing or BUR is the roofing many people associate with commercial buildings. It’s a layer of tar covered with gravel. At one point, BUR was the most common flat roofing material. Today, it is less common in new construction. However, it remains a highly durable roofing surface.

Modified Bitumen

Also known as Mod-Bit this relatively common roofing material is a two-ply roofing system. It’s often installed on roofs where there is significant foot traffic. Its biggest drawback is that most bitumen roofing is dark in color which increases your building’s cooling cost.

Green Roofing

If you see moss, grass or other plant life growing on a roof, it may be a green roof. Although expensive to install, they provide many benefits which is why some ecologically minded companies choose green roofing.


Rarely does anyone ever refer to EPDM roofing as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, but that’s what the letters in its name stand for. EPDM is also known as thermoset roof membrane. This easy to install and repair roofing material remains a popular option and because it’s white in color and it has excellent reflective properties which lowers cooling costs.

Thermoplastic Roofing

This is most commonly called TPO. Thermoplastic roofing is our preferred commercial roofing material for new construction and roof replacements. It’s highly reflective which can help keep cooling costs down and it is lightweight. Because of its composition, it’s extremely strong. You won’t find mold or mildew growth on TPO roofing either. In some cases, we can even install TPO on top of other roofing types. This makes a total roof replacement much simpler and less expensive.

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