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commercial roof repair

Commercial roofing tends to have more issues than residential roofing. Because most residential roofing is steep slope and commercial is flat roofing, they have different problems and require different maintenance. If you’re a building manager or owner there are a few things you should understand about your building’s roof so you can avoid calling a commercial roof repair company more often than you want to.

Keep Staff Off the Roof

Unfortunately, some companies do nothing to discourage staff from eating lunch, sunbathing, or just checking out the view from the roof. Although it’s understood that a flat roof can be walked on, it’s not good for the roof to have excess traffic. The less traffic, the fewer issues. Women’s heels, chairs, and tables can poke holes and wear the roof to the point of a leak.

Don’t Hire the Wrong Company

Just because you love your residential roofing company, doesn’t mean they’re qualified to work on your commercial roof. When you are looking for a commercial roof repair company, make sure the company you’re planning on hiring has experience in your roofing material. Without a good understanding of the material on your roof, they can’t properly diagnose the issue and perform the repair.

Time and the Weather

No matter how well you maintain your roof and keep people off it, time and the weather will take its toll. Preventative maintenance will help your roof last. However, when it’s exposed to the sun, hail, heavy rains, and wind, you’ll need a commercial roof repair company at some point. The older your roof, the more frequent inspections and maintenance should be performed.

Clogged Drainage

A good reason to go up on your roof is after any major storm with high winds. You want to make sure that leaves or other debris aren’t clogging your drainage system. When water sits on your roof, you’re more likely to have a roof leak than if it can easily drain. Other causes of clogged drainage are bird nests, garbage from contractors, and things blowing on the roof.

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