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cool roofing can save you money and moreWhether you have a home or business and you’re looking into your roofing options, you may want to consider a cool roof. A cool roof is one that will help your building stay cooler in the summer months by reflecting back the heat of the sun. Some cool roofing products are ENERGY STAR® certified and others don’t require the certification because they are white in color. If you’re wondering how this might be a benefit to you, here are some reasons to consider a cool roof.


This is one of the biggest reasons both home and business owners consider cool roofing. When you have a light colored roof, the temperature on your roof can be as much as 60 degrees cooler than a dark colored roof. Imagine if you didn’t have that heat on your home’s roof or the top of your building. It would certainly cut down on your cooling costs. And, when you run your air conditioner less, it lasts longer saving you replacing the unit.

Extended Roof Life

Because the shingles don’t get as hot from the sun, they tend to last longer. How much longer depends on your regular roof maintenance, but ,in general, you can get a few more years out of a cool roof like those in GAF’s Timberline® Cool Series® which are ENERGY STAR certified. If you have a commercial building, many roof coating options will help you put off a total roof replacement and come in light colors to extend your existing roof’s life.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Depending on your building, the impact you have on the environment varies. If you have a large commercial building and you install a white roof or light color roof, you can help lower the urban heat island effect. Of course, when you’re using your air conditioning less, you’re polluting less.

Because there are now so many options for cool roofing on steep slope buildings, you can have a roof on your home that you love without it being stark white. Talk to Cooley Roofing and Construction about the options for a new roof for your home or business. Call 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form today.

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