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It’s always surprising to us how many people search the term cheap roofer. Don’t worry, we don’t know what you typed to come here, we just know through Google Analytics that many people each month search cheap roofer. And, we will never claim to be a cheap roofer. If you asked us who we are in adjectives, we’d describe ourselves as a quality and affordable roofing company. There’s a big difference how roofing companies handle a roof replacement and repair. And, since your roof protects your family and belongings, do you really want to hire the cheapest option?

Why Some Roofers Are Cheaper Than Others

A cheap roofer may not have installers at all and instead picks up day laborers. Different quality materials have significant cost differences. Felt paper is cheaper than synthetic underlayment but doesn’t last as long or provide the protection of the newer synthetic products for example. Roofing nails cost more than other types but they’re mean to hold your shingles and not rust.

You may find that they aren’t insured or don’t carry proper state licensing. We’ve previously talked about how a roofing overlay is cheaper than a tear-off and some roof replacement quotes we see that are significantly less than ours include an overlay meaning less time and no haul-away of the old shingles.

How We’re Different

If you look around our website, you’ll notice that we are both GAF Master Elite™ and CertainTeed ShingleMasters®. These designations mean we put time and money into training our installers. It also means that we install the products as they should be installed using the right kind of nails, starter strips, ridge caps and other materials required by the manufacturer for their warranty coverage. We always use synthetic underlayment and never perform a roofing overlay. All of those things help insure that your new roof does its job as it should and lasts. And, if you call us for a roof repair estimate, we’ll give you a quote. The price you see, is the price you pay and we stand behind the work with our workmanship warranty.

Call Cooley Roofing for All Your Roofing Needs

If you want the job done right at a fair price, don’t search for a cheap roofer, call us. We’ll do the job right, using quality materials at an affordable price. And, if a new roof isn’t in the budget, we offer financing. Call us today for your roof repair or replacement quote at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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