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a roofing inspection can reduce roofing concernsYour roof protects your home, family and belongings. How do you think yours will do if we have heavy rains or strong winds? Will it be able to keep the water out? Here are some of the common concerns homeowners have and ask us about during our roofing inspections.

Apparent Waves in the Shingles

The most common reason for this is when a roofer convinces a homeowner that a roof overlay is fine. If you choose not to tear off your old roof, the new roof can’t lay completely flat and you’ll have waves. Poor installation with a tear off can also lead to a wavy roof. Sometimes this is because the installers hurried, other times it’s because they installed the underlayment and it rained and then they installed the shingles on wet underlayment which bubbled as it dried leading to an imperfect installation. It’s possible that you have defective shingles and a detailed roofing inspection can determine the cause.

Discolored Shingles

Your shingles will fade over time. If only one part or area of your roof seems a different color, it could be fading or a manufacturer issue. Pay attention to what gets the bulk of the sun and you’ll know if the discoloration is just fading or another issue. The most common discoloration issues are algae, mold and mildew. This happens in places that don’t get much sun and where you allowed organic matter to sit. Keeping your roof clean of debris is a great way to prevent much of this discoloration. Some algae is relatively harmless, other types can eat away at your shingles. Let your roofer perform a roofing inspection to determine if a roof cleaning will benefit your home.

Granules Everywhere

One of the first times a homeowner may notice granules is when they clean their gutters. Excess shedding of granules is usually a sign that the roof should be replaced or that someone walked on the roof without knowing the best way to do it. When your shingles lose their granules, they don’t protect your home as well because those granules are there to protect the shingle from UV rays and weather.

If you have a roofing concern mentioned here or one we didn’t cover, call Cooley Roofing & Construction. We’ll perform a complete roofing inspection and advise you whether you need a roof cleaning, repair or a new roof. Call 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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