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July through September are the wettest months in the Winston-Salem area. And because of that we end up with more calls about commercial roof repair than the rest of the year. Whether you have a flat roof or steep slope roof, the wind and rain we experience in late summer takes a toll on your roof.

Why Wind and Rain Magnifies Roof Leaks

If you have steep slope roofing with asphalt shingles, the wind can blow up the shingles. This allows water to saturate the underlayment which can lead to a roof leak. The shingle can never protect the roof properly again. Flat roof leaks are often caused by issues in the seam of the roofing material. They also end up with issues due to excessive roof traffic. Sometimes there are depressions where water pools or a newly installed unit on the roof that isn’t properly sealed both of which can lead to water in your facility.

Consequences of Roof Leaks

Putting it simply, roof leaks lead to lost wages, lost income and lost productivity.  However, there are other consequences.

  • Inconvenience – Because few commercial buildings have an attic, the water tends to leak into the work space. People are impacted either by being displaced from their work space or the shopping areas.
  • Cost – Not only is there the cost of the roof repair to consider but sometimes workers are unable to work and products are damaged causing loss. If damage is extensive, you may also need to repair flooring, drywall, and hire a painting company to restore the damage.
  • Injury – The worst-case scenario is when the damage has gone on too long and someone is injured either by a falling piece of debris or slips on standing water in your building.

Call Cooley Roofing If You Suspect a Roof Leak

Or if you haven’t had a roofing inspection in the past year.  As we so often remind our residential customers, preventative maintenance costs less than commercial roof repair. Calling us for regular roofing inspections maintenance can help prevent the need for repairs, so schedule your roofing inspection before you end up with a roof leak. If you already have an issue either fill out our contact form or call us at (336) 766-6488 to schedule an appointment.

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