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don't DIY roof replacementAs a professional contractor, we’re often asked why the homeowner shouldn’t just go to their local big box store, buy what they need and do it themselves. Perhaps the biggest reason is that you may or may not get the full manufacturer’s warranty on the product if it’s not installed by a professional, properly. However, there are many more that apply to most window, siding and roof replacement jobs.


Most homeowners don’t have the time to dedicate to do the job right and efficiently. Even if you have some previous construction skills, removing siding or a roof takes time and then installing it yourself or with a few friends may take days. A roofing crew is usually a team of up to ten people. They do  the job done quickly (often just one day) and properly. This protects your home from the elements.

Tools & Equipment

No matter what you’re replacing, you’re going to have to remove it and dispose of it. Do you have the right tools to safely remove everything? New siding installation will require scaffolding. A new roof requires a nail gun and ladders tall enough to reach your home’s roof safely. How are you going to dispose of the waste? These things all take money and once you look at the time, tools and equipment you would need for window, siding and roof replacement, you might find that hiring a professional for any one of or all these jobs is well worth the money.

Quality Products and Installation

Rarely do window, siding and roofing companies sell their products directly to homeowners. They know that their reputation is dependent upon a quality installation. Your local contractor can purchase quality products. Professionals have the necessary training to install the products properly.

If you need window, siding or roof replacement, call Cooley Roofing & Construction. We have the tools, equipment and time to provide you with a quality installation. All the products we represent come from leading manufacturers who offer warranties when installed by professionals. Call us today and learn how we can provide you with a total exterior home makeover or just one of our services – (336) 766-6488.

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