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energy efficient home improvementsIt seems that summers keep getting hotter which means that we run our air conditioning more than ever. Whether you are a home or business owner, there are some building improvements that can help lower your electric bills and reduce the load on your air conditioner. Depending on your home or building’s roof and exterior, your building could be significantly more energy efficient.

In part one of this two-part blog, we’re going to look at different elements where you could make energy efficient home improvements that not only lower your utility costs but also make your home more comfortable. In part two, we’ll look at commercial buildings. Remember, the more your air conditioning has to work, the faster you have to replace it.

Your Roof

Rarely do people think about their roof when they think about energy efficient home improvements. However, your roof can be a major source of energy loss in several ways. First, things like missing shingles or holes in your roof lead to leaks. Those leaks can damage insulation. Damaged insulation doesn’t work, even after it dries out. It must be replaced. Holes and missing shingles all prevent the attic from keeping a consistent temperature, which is especially important in winter.

If it’s time for a new roof, consider a lighter roofing material. We all know that black and dark colors absorb more heat than light colors and that’s especially true for your roof. If you’re looking at maximizing your home’s energy-efficiency, consider a certified Cool Roof, it’s one of the biggest energy efficient home improvements you can make. And, if you currently have 3-tab shingles, consider an architectural shingle that is more insulative than older 3-tab style shingles.


Depending on the age of your home’s siding, you may benefit from not just new siding but also from an insulative home wrap. Today’s building guidelines differ from those even ten years ago. Most of the changes include a higher R-value in the home’s siding. With an insulative home wrap, or siding that includes insulation, you’ll not only see a difference in your electric bills but also in the overall comfort in your home. Insulation helps prevent drafts.


You hear the most about replacement windows when it comes to energy efficient home improvements. They can make a difference. New windows also help your home be more comfortable as they are less drafty than older single pane aluminum or wood windows.

Cooley Roofing & Construction can help your home be more energy efficient. We offer roof repair, replacement and new siding and replacement windows. If you’re wondering if your air conditioner can work less and you can lower your utility bills, call us. We’ll provide you with a free estimate for a new roof, siding or windows. Call us at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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