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Energy Efficient Roofing

As you begin to look at your home’s energy efficiency, do you think about your roof? Although the insulation in your attic can prevent heat loss in winter and help keep the heat from the attic out of your home in the summer, your roofing can also provide some assistance with energy efficiency. If it’s time for a new roof on your home, you should look at the benefits of different shingles and how they may reduce your energy usage.

Not All Asphalt Shingles Are the Same

You may think that a shingle is a shingle and they all pretty much function the same but look different. That’s not true at all. In fact, 3-tab shingles weigh about 250 pounds per square. Depending on the style and brand of architectural shingles you choose, they can weigh as much as 450 pounds per square. The reason the weight makes a difference is because there’s significantly more material in an architectural shingle which makes for greater insulative value.

Color Matters

Once you choose the style shingle for your new roof, you’ll need to choose a color. If you’re looking for maximum energy savings, you’ll want to look at ENERGY STAR® rated roofing products. These shingles are typically light in color and have greater solar reflectivity than their counterparts. They also come with a higher price tag than a standard architectural shingle.

You don’t have to choose an ENERGY STAR rated shingle to see some savings. The lighter the color, the less absorption. Tans and greys are a better option than browns and black. Even color blend shingles with some light panels are better than all dark roofs.

Insulation and Ventilation

We can’t stress enough that your roof needs proper insulation and ventilation for optimal energy efficiency. They will also extend the life of your new roof because the roof will be able to breathe. If the reason you need a new roof is because of multiple roof leaks, make sure your roofing company checks that your insulation is still in good condition as it can’t do its job once it’s been wet. Also have them check that you have the proper ventilation for the roof’s size.

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