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exterior renovations company installs new roofing, siding and windowsWe hear a lot about climate change and the environment. You may wonder what you can do to help. If you’re already planning some exterior renovations, the choices you make can impact the environment. Additionally, those products also often reduce your heating and cooling costs. As an exterior renovations company, we offer many products that can make an impact.


Although you may not see asphalt shingles as an environmentally friendly choice, when you choose the right ones, they are. Although we offer several brands of roofing, as GAF certified roofing contractor, we’re going to discuss the Timberline® Shingles series.

Perhaps most environmentally friendly is their GAF Timberline Cool Series Shingles. These shingles are approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council and may save you up to 15% on your cooling costs. They do this by reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorbing the heat into your attic and eventually into your home.

If the Cool Series is out of your budget, consider any of their architectural shingles. Opt for a lighter color than you currently have. Depending on the line, you can choose shingles with wind and impact resistances which may lessen the chance of storm damage and reduce the need for a new roof again before it’s really time.


Although wood siding is still an option, it takes a lot of mature trees to make wood siding. Vinyl and fiber cement siding are options that don’t require removal of trees. However, the biggest benefit you’ll get from new siding is when you choose either a siding material with a good R-value or install an insulative house wrap beneath the new siding.


Do you know that a significant amount of your home’s energy loss is through your windows and doors? Replacing them with ENERGY STAR® rated windows can lead to lower utility costs. Most homeowners choose vinyl replacement windows. They require little maintenance and no painting or sanding and stripping which means fewer chemicals that end up in the soil from on-site maintenance.

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