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roof leak and rotting fasciaIf you’ve had a roofing inspection or repair work done, your roofer may have mentioned your fascia and soffits. Many people understand that they’re part of their roofing system but don’t know exactly how they work with their shingles, underlayment, ridge vents, and gutters to prevent a roof leak. If you’re not sure exactly how these two parts of your roofing system work together, today’s blog is for you.


Often neglected but ever so important, your fascia is a prime place for a roof leak to start. If you are standing in front of your home, you’ll notice a horizontal board. Although it may be partially hidden by your gutters, that’s your fascia. It supports the last few rows of shingles and connects the roof’s edge to the side of the home. Most often it’s made of a composite lumber material but can also be wood, vinyl or aluminum.

Because some of the board is hidden by the gutters, damage is easily missed. Your clogged gutters are a leading cause of damage, especially to wood fascia. When your gutters fill, you likely notice the water running over the front. What you may not realize is that it’s also likely running over the back leading to wood rot. Fascia is also on parts of your roof that don’t have gutters and simple neglect can lead to a roof leak.


When your soffits are blocked by landscaping or insulation, your roof’s ventilation system can’t work as it was designed. Your soffits are at the lower edge of your roof to allow for the intake of cooler air while the ridge or box vents on top of your roof allow for the hot air to escape especially in the summer.

A bigger issue that leads to roof damage is when older plastic soffits crack or break, making the perfect opening for pests – of both the winged and rodent variety. They’ll do all sorts of damage inside your home. You may not end up with a roof leak but you’ll end up calling for repair of wiring, insulation and more.

Taking care of your fascia and soffits is just as important as the rest of your roofing system. When you have a regular roofing inspection small roof leaks can be caught and repaired before they become big issues. Let Cooley Roofing and Construction provide you with a roofing inspection and estimate for any necessary roof repair. Reach us by filling out our contact form or calling 366-766-6488 today.

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