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Choosing the colors for new siding, windows and a new roof, either separately or all at once, can be stressful. It’s hard to visualize your home with different colors when it’s always been what you see today. We have some tips to share that have helped our clients in the past.

Look Around

What better way to find color combinations that appeal to you than to look at other homes. The best place to go is newer neighborhoods as they’ll have homes with current trending colors. Don’t just look at the siding, also look at how the siding compliments the roof color. Note how the siding and windows go together.

Start With a Siding Color

Unless your home is mostly brick with just a little siding showing, you should choose your siding color as the base of your design. That’s because when you look at most homes, the siding is what is most visible. We even recommend that you choose a siding color if you are replacing your roof this year and your siding next year. Once you have that anchor color or colors chosen, you’ll have a much easier time choosing windows and a roof.

Don’t Choose Too Many Colors

If you know you’re going simple with white, grey or another neutral on your siding, consider adding color with a color blend roof like Golden Harvest or Copper Canyon from GAF. Conversely, if you have or are planning a solid black or grey roof, make sure to include siding with some color. Although custom color windows are available, white and black are still the most common options and work with just about any siding and roof combination.

Use a Visualizer

Depending on the type and brand of siding you’re considering for your home exterior renovation, there may be a visualizer available. Talk to your siding company and ask if that tool is available for what you’re considering. If so, it’s a great way to gain a good idea of what your home will look like once you’ve finished your renovations.

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