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We all know that new ENERGY STAR windows are more energy efficient than older windows but not everyone knows the other benefits of new windows. If you’re wondering if you’ll recoup your investment or if those new windows will really “pay for themselves” as you may have been told by a window company, chances are that you won’t. In fact, depending on your current windows and what you choose for your new windows, you’re likely to see about $400 a year in energy savings as a result of new windows. However, they improve your home in other ways.

Low-E Glass Benefits

Because all new ENERGY STAR windows have Low-E glass you’ll get these benefits with just about any replacement window you choose. Low emissivity (Low-E) glass has three primary benefits:

  • Reduces fading of your furniture and carpets by blocking ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • Helps keep your home cooler by blocking infrared (IR) light from the sun.
  • Radiates the heat in your home back in during the winter months further benefiting you with reduced utility expenses.

Airtight Installation

As your home ages, you may notice your windows allow more drafts in. This is especially true with wood windows. The wood cracks and splits and allows for air seepage. New ENERGY STAR windows make your home less drafty. When you work with a custom replacement window company each window opening is measured for a perfect fit. That helps block further air leakage as does proper installation.

Better Light

Older windows have thicker frames and busy grid patterns. You may constantly be closing your curtains to block the light because of how sunlight overheats the room. Some windows were tinted to keep the sunlight out so the home could stay cooler. All that blocks natural light. New windows may increase your natural light allowing for decreased reliance on artificial light in your home.

Less Maintenance

If you have old wood windows you have to paint them regularly. If you have single pane windows, that may mean installing storm windows every winter to help better insulation your home. If you’re tired of the maintenance associated with older windows, call Cooley Roofing and Construction for an estimate on custom replacement windows.

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