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roofing inspections and home inspections aren't the sameOne of the requirements in the home buying process is a home inspection. Although the home inspector will look at your roof, they don’t do a roofing inspection. Depending on the company they may or may not climb on the roof. A roof replacement is a big expense. You don’t want to buy a home and realize months later that the roof is bad. Here is what you should know about a home inspection and roofing inspection and a few reasons you might actually need both.

What a Home Inspection Includes Regarding Your Roof

First, you should understand that although they know about roofing, they’re not trained to identify or detect a roof leak. They are expected to ensure the home buyer that the roof is in reasonably good condition. They’ll look for missing shingles, detached gutters or other obvious signs of trouble. Some may use an infrared detector to evaluate temperature difference on your roof to see if heat is escaping in one particular area which could indicate an issue. They also look in the attic for obvious signs of water damage.

What a Roofing Inspection Includes

A roofer will always walk on the roof during a roofing inspection. They’ll not only look for missing shingles but also loose and misaligned ones. Because they’re on the roof, they can also identify signs of storm damage and flashing that should be resealed. Other elements of a roofing inspection are:

  • Checking gutters are properly attached and free from clogs
  • Ensuring fascia is solid and secure
  • Ventilation for both intake and exhaust venting is of a good ratio and for the size of the attic
  • Proper insulation and that it’s not damaged from a roof leak
  • Chimney cap inspection

Some include roof cleaning and gutter cleaning in their roofing inspections. Others with masonry experience will advise you if there are issues with your chimney.

Cooley Roofing Offers Roofing Inspections

If you’re buying a home and have any concerns about the condition of the roof or the home inspector mentions evidence of a previous roof leak, before you close on the home, hire a roofing contractor for a roofing inspection. Cooley Roofing offers total roofing inspections to home buyers, home owners and sellers wanting to provide potential buyers with peace of mind. Call us to schedule your roofing inspection today at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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