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A new roof comes with many decisions. The style and color are two decisions you’ll be living with for a long time. That means choosing the right shingle color is essential. If you’re overwhelmed, we can help you eliminate some and find the perfect color to top your home.

Tip #1 – Check with Your HOA

We know that not all homes are in neighborhoods with a homeowner’s associations, however if yours is, it’s best to start with permitted colors.

Tip #2 – Look at Your Roof & Others Around You

Do you love or hate your current roof color? What about those on homes around you with similar color schemes? If you have a strong opinion about something, you have now further narrowed down your options.

Tip #3 – Consider Your Home’s Color Scheme

If your siding, windows and doors are all different shades of the same color, you might want to consider a color blend architectural shingle to add some color to your home. Conversely, if your home has lots of color, a neutral roof may be a better choice.

Tip #4 – Ask to See Actual Shingle Samples

Most roofing companies have shingle sample boards from the manufacturers. Seeing the color in person at your home can be invaluable. Make sure to look at the shingles outside at different times of day and, if possible, on both a sunny day and cloudy day. Does one shingle color stand out above another as complimenting your home’s existing elements?

Tip #5 – Use a Visualizer

The shingle manufacturers and today’s technology make it easier than ever to see what your home might look like with their shingles. The image on this page was created through the GAF visualizer. You can use both stock photos of homes with similar colors to your own or upload a photo of your home. Although the color won’t be an exact match because it’s an image, it will give you a very good idea of what your home would look like with various shingle colors.

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