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shingle style for roof replacementRoofing manufacturers continue to offer new styles and colors in their shingles. One of the questions we get regularly is how to choose the right style shingle for a home. The style of the home, your budget, personal taste, and sometimes your HOA are all factors that determine the right style shingle for your home.

Architectural Influences

If your home is a historic home, it’s best to keep the roof similar to what would have been available at the time of the house’s construction. If your home has a Victorian influence or French Country look, you may want to consider a style like GAF’s Sienna series. The most popular shingle style in the Designer series and what most people refer to as an architectural shingle work well on almost any modern, Cape Cod, farmhouse, or colonial style home.


Three-tab shingles are the most budget friendly shingles. They also have the least style of any shingle type and tend to last the shortest amount of time. If your budget allows, we always recommend an architectural shingle. As you choose a shingle with more detailing and benefits, the price per square for your new roof will go up.

Personal Taste

Every homeowner has their own sense of style. As you look at various manufacturers and the styles they offer, also look around your neighborhood. Although it’s nice to have a home that stands out, you don’t want to make your home so different from the rest in the neighborhood that when the time comes to sell it, people are turned off by how the roof looks. If you look at a few different styles that you can’t choose between, look at the colors offered in each and select the style that has a color that you love.


Some architectural review boards are more particular than others. If yours requires a specific style, brand, and color, you don’t need to worry about picking a shingle style. However, most simply require an image or example of what you’re considering. When it comes to style, few HOAs have restrictions.

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