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If you’ve ever been on a roof on a hot summer day, you know the surface is hotter than just about anything. When you venture into your attic on a hot day, it can be miserable. However, with the right roof and roofing company, you can have a more energy efficient roof.

Need a New Roof? Consider a Cool Roofing Product

The major roofing manufacturers offer cool roofing. These roofing products are certified as ENERGY STAR® shingles. They can lower your cooling costs by as much as 15%. If you can’t afford the price tag of the cool roofing products, choose a light-colored architectural shingle which will also help reduce your heating and cooling cost somewhat. Most roofing contractors offer financing options for you to consider if you do want a cool roof. The difference in cost of an energy efficient roof and standard roof may be worth the upgrade when it comes to energy savings.

Insulation and Ventilation

You may be surprised to learn that your roof likely doesn’t have the recommended insulation for an energy efficient home. This could be due to a lazy or cheap builder, water damage or just the fact that your home is older. Building codes changed to require more insulation in the late 80’s. Click here to learn how to evaluate your home and understand if you have the right amount of insulation.

Ventilation is just as important. When your attic heats up, that hot air needs to escape. It escapes through vents on your roof. Again, depending on when your home was built, your home may have roof, gable or ridge vents. It also needs a way for fresh air to come in. Your soffits are for ventilation intake. If yours are covered by insulation inside or plants outside, your attic isn’t properly vented which will lead to a less energy efficient roof and roofing system.

We Can Help

If you need a roof replacement, we offer free estimates and will talk to you about your ventilation. Many homes do not have proper ventilation and during our roof replacement process we will ensure that your home does. As a GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractor, we sell and install Timberline® CS Shingles which are GAF’s cool roofing products. If you have a roof leak, your insulation may be damaged. That means it is not providing protection. We can repair your roof so you can replace your insulation and create a more energy efficient home. Call us today at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment. We accept all insurance claims and offer financing.

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