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As you try to decide whether you need a commercial roof replacement, you’ll likely speak with several different commercial roofers. They may provide different opinions and different recommendations for your new roof. That’s not at all unusual. Different roofers specials in different materials so they’ll recommend what they install.

Weighing the Replacement or Repair Options

When you’re spending money on roof repairs regularly, you may begin wondering if another repair is really worth the money. It really depends on the type and reason for the repair. If you’re replacing HVAC systems or other roofing equipment, you will likely have multiple repairs. However, you should consider talking to a commercial roofer about what you’re doing before you start and jointly determine if a new roof is better than multiple repairs after the new systems are installed.

On the other hand, when you simply keep having roof leaks because of an aging roof, then you’ll need to look at the whole roof, decide how much more you’re willing to invest in the roof. At some point it may become a better fiscal decision to replace the roof.

Have a Dark Roof? A New White Roof Offers Benefits

If your building has an old asphalt style roof, a new TPO roof may be the right option. A commercial roof replacement of a dark roof with white TPO offers better reflectivity of the sun’s rays. It’s much like changing from a black shirt on a hot day to a white shirt. Your building will be cooler and that could save you in cooling costs during the long hot Winston-Salem summers!

Find a Trusted Commercial Roofer

Although there are many roofers in the Winston-Salem area, not all are experienced. Fewer are experienced in commercial roofing. If you’re on the fence as to whether to go ahead with a commercial roof replacement or just keep repairing, ask the roofer for their opinion. Find out how much longer they think your current roof will really last. See they have some recommendations for maintenance that could save you on the cost of roof repairs in the short term.

Cooley Roofing Can Help

As a commercial roofer with decades of experience, we can help you make the right decision for your building. If you aren’t sure as to whether a commercial roof replacement or repair is better for your needs, we will prepare a quote for both and let you make the best decision for your business without pressure. Call us today for your no obligation estimate at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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