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new siding install after free siding estimateThere are many signs it’s time for new siding in Winston-Salem. Depending on your current siding material, the signs vary. The reasons for getting new siding vary too. Sometimes it’s to better insulate and protect your home. Other times it’s to increase curb appeal. Here are some signs that you should consider scheduling a siding estimate sooner rather than later.

Signs from Specific Types of Siding

Here are some signs from specific types of siding that signal you need a siding estimate for new siding.

  • Wood Siding – If you currently have wood siding and you’re having to repaint it more than about every eight years, chances are good it has reached the end of its life. Wood siding that warped or rotting should also be replaced.
  • Aluminum Siding – Dents in aluminum siding are common and often lead to small openings for pests to get into your home. If you’ve repainted it multiple times and new paint isn’t adhering well or chipping after just a summer, you should replace it.
  • Vinyl Siding – Although it doesn’t dent as easily as aluminum, it can dent. It’s more likely to crack or get a hole which leads to water and pests in your home. If you hear the siding moving on a windy day, it’s not longer properly affixed and that likely can’t be repaired so you should consider calling for a siding estimate.

Universal Signs You Need New Siding in Winston-Salem

No matter what type of siding you have, you may notice an increase in your utility bills. This often indicates that your existing siding is no longer well affixed to your home and letting more hot or cool air in. Water leaks are another big sign. When water comes in through your walls, it damages insulation making it no longer effective which leads to increased energy costs. If you haven’t yet noticed water in your home but see bubbles or blisters on the siding itself, you’ve noticed an early sing that water is getting beneath your siding and soon you may have water in your home.

Benefits of Replacing Your Siding

New siding provides many benefits and solves issues you may have with your existing siding. Not only will your home look better, but it will be more comfortable. New siding either include insulation or your siding company will install an insulative house wrap to bring your home up to today’s energy efficient recommendations. Of course, if you’re replacing wood or aluminum siding with vinyl siding, you’ll never need to paint it. And, its low maintenance. Often, you’ll just need to hose off any dirt once in a while.

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