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Things to ask your <a href=roof replacement company ” width=”750″ height=”460″ />If you’re thinking it might be time to contact a roof replacement company for a new roof, plan on interviewing at least three licensed roofers. When you’re meeting with them, be sure to ask questions about their roof replacement process and what guarantees they offer. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars only on a great product only to later find out it was installed with inferior workmanship or that you didn’t get an entirely new roofing system.

What is a Roofing System?

For most homeowners, meeting with roof replacement companies for a new roof is a once in a lifetime occurrence. When you’re familiar with roofing terms, you will better understand what to expect from a quality roof replacement company. Don’t be taken advantage of by a less reputable company.

Your roofing system includes the roof deck, ventilation, underlayment, flashing, starter strips, and shingles. You want a roof replacement company who makes sure your roof deck and vents are in good condition and then installs new underlayment and flashing. A roofer who doesn’t do a tear off (meaning they leave the old shingles on your roof and install the new ones on top), can’t inspect your roof deck and doesn’t install new underlayment. If you want your new shingles to last, have the full manufacturer’s warranty, and look great, you want to work with a roof replacement company who does a tear off.

Materials Matter

As you speak with various roof replacement companies, ask about the materials they use. Are they certified? Certification shows they’ve been trained by the manufacturer in best practices for a roof replacement. It also means that you should have full manufacturer warranties in effect.

Also inquire about the underlayment and nails. There are many different kinds of underlayment and although a synthetic underlayment costs a bit more, it’s worth spending the money. It will last longer and better protect your home and new shingles than old style felt paper. As for nails, roofing nails are safe for shingles and will withstand moisture and extreme temperature changes your roof undergoes.

Take the time to talk to the roof replacement companies you’re interviewing. Don’t just accept them driving by your home or looking at Google to provide a roof replacement estimate. Make sure they inspect your roof to give you the most accurate estimate up front. Cooley Roofing and Construction does all their estimates on site.  Unless we’ve previously worked on your roof, we want to talk to you about it and look inside your attic. You’ll find that we install total roofing systems and our roofs carry the manufacturer’s warranty and our installation warranty. Call today to schedule your free roof replacement estimate – 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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