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It’s been a hot and dry summer so far. However, it’s not likely to stay that way through the rest of the season. Most years we have at least five weather events that lead to roof damage throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. How will your roof fair when one of those storms comes? One of the best ways to know if your roof is ready for wind, hail and heavy downpours is to have a local roofing company perform a detailed inspection. Yes, you’ll pay for the inspection, however the peace of mind it can bring is priceless. Plus, if they find an issue, you’ll save money by proactively making repairs rather than dealing with the mess after a big storm.

What a Residential Roofing Inspection Includes

We understand that you can take a look at your roof and notice when something is really wrong like missing shingles. However, a roofing inspection goes far beyond just a quick glance at your roof for obvious damage. Here are a few things an experienced roofer looks at:

  • Overall condition of the shingles looking for dents, blistering and cracks
  • How well the flashing is attached and sealed
  • Misaligned shingles which can signal an area where they’re loose
  • The state of the fascia and gutters
  • Streaking or signs of algae on the shingles
  • Attic inspection for leaks, ventilation and insulation

Once the inspection is complete, your roofer may give you a clean report stating the roof is in good condition. Other times they’ll provide an estimate for necessary roof repair or a recommendation for replacing any part of your roof.

How a Roofing Inspection Can Benefit You

Think of a roofing inspection like you think of your HVAC tune up in spring. It’s there to make sure that your roof will do its job as it should for the immediate future. So, first, you’ll have some peace of mind. Second, any damage that is found can be repaired before it becomes a big problem. Lastly, if there is a storm and your roof sustains damage and your insurance company doesn’t see the damage as being from a storm you have proof that the roof was in good condition before storm.

Cooley Roofing offers comprehensive residential roofing inspections throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. When we’ve performed a roofing inspection and you sustain storm damage, we will stand with you if the adjustor doesn’t see the damage as we do. Call us today at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form to schedule your inspection today.

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