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Although a few manufacturers have started adding insulation to their siding products creating an R-value, overall there’s really not a big push toward energy efficient siding. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways that your home could be more energy efficient with new siding. Here are some things to know.

Today’s Building Codes Are Different

If you have an older home, chances are that you don’t have the same amount of insulation in your walls that a new construction home would. This is because building codes and insulation recommendations and requirements have changed to require better insulation so that homes are more energy efficient. Although you can choose energy efficient siding with an R-value, most often, the best option is an insulative home wrap beneath your new siding.

How New Siding Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are a few ways new siding improves your home’s energy efficiency. First, loose, cracked, broken or warped siding makes for a drafty home. So, even if you do have a well-insulated home, simply by installing new siding, your home will be more comfortable. Also, leaks can be discovered and repaired. If you’ve read previous blogs, you may have seen the fact that once insulation is wet, it’s no longer effective. If you have a leak that let water into your walls, you need to replace that insulation. Your siding company will see signs of leaks and water damage when they remove your siding and can advise you as to the location. Finally, as we mentioned, your siding company can include an insulative home wrap beneath your siding in the quote. By adding this, the wall’s R-value increases making your home more energy efficient.

New Siding Won’t Pay for Itself

If a siding company tries to tell you that their vinyl siding or fiber cement siding will pay for itself, choose another company. It won’t in the time you own the home. However, if you factor in the return on investment of new siding and energy savings, you will recoup some of your investment. Although heating and cooling costs do go down, what most homeowners who trust us with their siding needs tell us is that their home is more comfortable.

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Although there’s really not much labeled by as ENERGY STAR or energy efficient siding, you can have a more energy efficient home with new siding. Call us today to learn about the options we offer for siding and get your free quote at (336) 766-6488. We offer financing for all your home improvement needs.

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