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Sometimes it’s easy to know that you need new siding. However, as a Winston-Salem siding company, we see homes regularly that need new siding where the homeowner has no idea. If you’re wondering about your own home, here are some signs it’s time to call about a quote for new siding.

Warped Siding

Most people think of wood siding as the only kind of siding that warps. However, vinyl siding warps when exposed to extreme heat. This can come from a neighbor’s house fire, a grill or firepit too close to the home and even the sun’s reflection from a window over years onto your siding.

Dents, Cracks & Holes

Aluminum siding dents fairly easily. Vinyl siding is most susceptible to cracks and holes, but can dent. Often this comes from hail damage. When this happens, you have an insurance claim. Just make sure the Winston-Salem siding company you call accepts all insurance claims. Most of the time cracks come from brittle siding that is accidentally hit. If your wood siding has holes or cracks, it may be deteriorating and should be replaced.

Increasing Utility Bills

Admittedly the cost to heat and cool our homes has gone up. However, if your electric or gas usage has increased for no apparent reason, your siding may be to blame. Siding that isn’t properly affixed to the home or has cracks or holes, allows water in. Water damages insulation making it ineffective. When this happens, your utility bills go up inexplicitly.

It Just Looks Bad

Although bad looking siding doesn’t mean you have to replace it, it’s a great reason to. Old vinyl and aluminum siding were much more prone to fading than today’s vinyl siding. Wood siding can only be re-painted just so many times before it fails to hold the paint. Not only will you enjoy the benefit of increased curb appeal, but you may also enjoy less maintenance and a less drafty home.

Seeing Signs? Call Us

Although we’re best known as a local roofing company, we are a Winston-Salem siding company too. We offer many quality brands of vinyl siding and also install James Hardie fiber cement siding. Call us for your free siding replacement quote today at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form today.

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