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Ok, that’s completely not true, but it seems that homeowners realize more in the spring that their roof needs attention from their local roofing company than any other time of the year. Sometimes that means roof repair, while other times a total roof replacement is in order. If you’re looking at your roof and notice it doesn’t look to be in the best condition or realized you have a leak, don’t put off a call to your local roofing company. If you don’t know the signs of roof damage and want to avoid a big issue, today’s blog should help. Of course, some signs of roof damage are more obvious than others, we thought we’d put together the list of the most missed ones.

1.      Granules in Your Downspouts or Gutters

Although it’s normal for your roof to lose some granules, you shouldn’t be able to walk around your home and see the granules at the bottom of your downspouts. If you’re noticing this sort of shedding, your roof may be at or nearing time for a replacement. The granules are a layer of protection and as they shed, your shingles become less able to protect your roof and home from water.

2.      Misaligned Shingles

Your shingles should look even and straight across your roof. Misaligned shingles may mean a portion of your roof isn’t properly protected. If you notice one or more rows that look skewed or out of place, call your local roofing company. They’ll be able to re-affix those shingles or replace them depending on the reason for the misalignment. If left unattended to, they can blow off.

3.      Bubbling and Peeling Paint in Your Home

This is a sure sign of water damage. Although it’s possible the water isn’t coming in through your roof, the most common issue is a roof leak. Sometimes it’s a simple repair to flashing while other times it’s more complicated. Only a licensed roofer can find the source of the damage and properly make repairs.

4.      Higher Energy Bills

Although this isn’t a sure sign of a roof issues, it can be. Sometimes a roof leak leads to wet insulation which makes it inefficient, leading to higher heating and cooling costs. Other times a ventilation issue can lead to a spike in cooling costs. Check your attic and if you notice any signs of a water leak, call your local roofer.

5.      Musty Smell in Your Home

Most musty smells are due to water. If you notice that a closet or room you keep closed most of the time all of a sudden smells musty, check for signs of water damage. Even if you don’t see any in the room itself, head into the attic and look around. You may find that you see that you have a roof leak in that area that’s caused damage in the attic but not yet in your home.

There are many many more obvious signs of a roof leak including missing, bent, cracked or curling shingles. We hope that you’re working with a local roofing company annually on your roofing maintenance to help prevent large roof leaks. If you’re not Cooley Roofing & Construction is here to help you with your roofing, siding and window needs. Call us today for your roofing inspection and repair or replacement estimate – 366-766-6488.

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