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residential roofing company roof replacement typesAs a homeowner you probably don’t think much about your roof, but you should. It is one of the most important parts of your home in that it protects your family and belongings. Without basic knowledge of your roofing, an unscrupulous residential roofing company can take advantage of you. Here are two things many homeowners don’t know about their roof, but should.

Type of Roofing Material

The vast majority of roofs on homes in our area are 3-tab asphalt shingles. During the building boom of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, builders chose these shingles because they were the cheapest, readily available roofing material. They hired the cheapest residential roofing company to install those roofs. As a result, many have already been replaced or should have been replaced by now.

Since then, technology has advanced and few homeowners re-roof with 3-tab shingles. More often, they choose architectural shingles. If you have a home with a 3-tab shingle on it, you can expect your roof to last 12-15 years with good proactive maintenance. Architectural shingles last, on average, about 20 years. If you’re buying a home, be sure to ask the current owner about the roof’s maintenance history.

Insulation and Ventilation Matter

If your attic isn’t properly insulated or ventilated, you roof won’t last as long as it should. Proper insulation should be full just about up to the joist beams. It should not cover your soffits. One mistake some homeowners make when they see the light through the soffits is covering it with insulation, this prevents the roof from breathing. You want the excess moisture to be able to escape. Ventilation also helps the attic stay cold in the winter which helps prevent ice dams from forming.

If you notice your insulation is matted down or appears to have gotten wet, call your residential roofing company. They should inspect for a roof leak. If you have any question about your insulation or ventilation, they can evaluate both and advise if you need more of either.

Cooley Roofing, Your Local Residential Roofing Company

Knowing a little about your roof and some of the elements that help keep it in good condition will prevent you from being taken advantage of by a less than honest roofer. Cooley Roofing has a long history as a residential roofing company in the Triad. Call us and we’ll inspect your roof, insulation, ventilation, and then provide an estimate for roof repair or replacement and help you choose the best roofing material for your home and budget. Call 366-766-6488  or complete our contact form and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a convenient meeting time.

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