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window replacementIf you’re considering working with a window installer for window replacement, you have some prep work to do before they arrive. You want your windows installed quickly, efficiently, and safely so take the time to follow the checklist your window installer gave you. If they didn’t provide one, here are some things you should do before the installers arrive.

Remove Everything Around the Windows

You want to remove window treatments which includes curtains, blinds, and anything affixed to the window frame or molding. You should also remove any wall hangings on the walls around the windows being replaced. Hammering in the frames can cause damage to delicate art nearby. If you have toys, area rugs or furniture on the floor inside or toys and furniture outside near the windows, be sure to pick them up too. When an installer carries in the windows, you want all trip hazards out of the way. It’s also a good idea to remove any valuables or breakables in the path or doorway your installers will be using.

Have a Plan for Your Kids and Pets

Open windows are a safety issue for kids and pets alike. Although your window openings will only be without a window for a few minutes at a time, that’s all it takes for a pet or child to fall or jump out the window. If you can board your dog or cat or put them in a room that isn’t having the window replaced, that will be good for everyone. Plus, with the number of times the installers will be in and out of your doors, they may not always get the door closed before a pet sneaks out.

It’s a Messy Process

Your window installer will make a mess during the tear out of the old windows. A good window company will clean up after your window replacement. Keep in mind that they will be coming in and out of your home so they may also track in dirt and track out some debris so you’ll want to plan on vacuuming or mopping once they leave.

Your window replacement is often scheduled weeks out so there is always the chance that weather will delay your install. Your window company never wants to reschedule but if heavy or blowing rain is in the forecast, they will need to so your house stays dry. If you haven’t found a window installer and want new windows, contact Cooley Roofing and Construction for your free window replacement estimate. 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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