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new roof on new custom homePerhaps one of the most exciting times in a family’s life is when they build a custom home. One of the things we don’t get very excited about is our new roof on that home. However, we should be thinking about it, and know who will install it. That roof will be there to protect your family for decades, but only if it’s installed right by a quality roofing company.

Talk to Your Builder Early in the Process

Although your builder may have a roofer they work with, you can question them about that company. Once you know who it is supposed to be, do some research. You don’t want your builder using someone that they’ve always used if that company doesn’t have a great reputation. You want the roofer installing your new roof to not only have a great reputation and but also to stand behind their work. Plus, you want a quality product used.

Make Sure the Style and Brand Suit You

Some roofers sell and install multiple brands, other times you’re limited to a specific manufacturer. Make sure that the brand and style your custom home builder uses through their roofer is something you like. You will likely have this new roof for 20 or more years, so find out what your options are and which lines the builder included in their pricing. Not only does your roof do the job of keeping your home protected from the elements but it should compliment the style of the home, your neighborhood and you should like it.

Understand Your Warranties

All manufacturers offer warranties on the materials. Does your builder or their roofer offer any workmanship warranties? What happens if there is a manufacturer defect in the shingles? Is the labor covered in the roof replacement process or only the materials? You want a good understanding of the workmanship and manufacturer warranties before deciding on your new roof’s materials.

Cooley Roofing and Construction can help you with your new roof. We’ll work directly with your builder for scheduling and billing. But we’re happy to work with you, the future homeowners, on choosing the right style and color for your new roof. Learn more by calling us today. If you’re a builder and want to know more about our roofing, siding and window services, call us at 366-766-6488.


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