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As we’re heading into a stretch of overnight freezes, it’s not too soon to talk about winter storms and ice dams. They are the reason so many homeowners call us in winter about a roof leak. If you’re hoping to avoid calling a roofing company after the first snow and freeze-thaw cycle, here is what you need to do.

1.      Clean Your Gutters

The biggest reason ice dams form is because of clogged gutters. When they are full of leaves and debris, the water can’t flow freely down and away from your home. As the snow melts and runs into your gutters, it has no where to go. The water builds up and freezes overnight. Although it may not cause an issue after one cycle, the more ice that builds up and pushes against your roof and shingles, the more damage. Take the time to clean your gutters. If you hate cleaning gutters, consider calling your roofing company about gutter covers.

2.      Watch Your Gutters for Proper Flow During the Next Rain

Your gutters should have a slight slope to them. This allows the water to run toward the downspout and out away from your foundation. If you notice that one downspout doesn’t seem to have much water running out of it, try to look at it from a second story window. Is the water pooling in the gutter? If so, you may need to call a roofing company to fix your gutter slope. If they’re overflowing and not clogged, you likely need larger gutters or more gutters, which a roofing company can also address.

3.      Check That Your Gutters Are Properly Affixed

Although a loose gutter doesn’t lead to an ice dam, gutters not tightly affixed to the home is more likely to pull away when it’s full of ice. Ice is heavy and an improperly affixed gutter will pull away from your home and can fall causing damage to your property and potentially injuring people below.

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