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roof damage caused by a racoonWe often think about termites and the damage they cause after an infestation, but they’re not the only pests to cause roof damage. Remember, your roof is a system of elements that work together to protect your home and keep you comfortable. When any one of them is damaged, your roofing system can’t do its job. Here are some common pest infestations that impact your roofing system.


These little devils will find a way into your attic any way they can. They love raising their family in your home. When they leave, which they often do once their babies are grown, they leave behind a mess. Most often people notice a yellow stain on their ceiling and think they have a roof leak. Sadly, that isn’t what it often is and although there will be roof damage, you’ll also likely need to replace a significant portion of your attic insulation and ceiling.


Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and, for some reason, they love building their hives in attics and along roof eves. When you find a bee infestation, we first recommend you call a professional to relocate the hive. Then you’ll want a roofing inspection to determine the damage.


Here’s the trouble with squirrels, they like to raise their young where they were raised. So, if you have a squirrel that gives birth in your attic, you’re soon going to have more squirrels making their home inside. The type of damage they do isn’t just to your insulation, but also to any electric running in the attic. You’ll likely need more than just a roofing company to inspect and repair squirrel damage.


Whether the birds are inside or outside your home, they can cause roof damage. Their droppings contain uric acid which can deteriorate shingles when they gather in large numbers on your roof. If just one family gets in the attic, you’ll have a mess and likely some insulation that requires replacing.


Although seeing bats outside your home is a good thing, as they eat thousands of mosquitos every night, having even a few in your home can impact your health. Their droppings contain fungi that can cause a life-threatening infection called histoplasmosis. If they get in, you have roof damage somewhere, although not likely from them.

Some pests cause more roof damage than others, but all pests cause damage once they’re inside your home. Although we don’t remove pests, we can repair any damage that either allowed them into your home or that they caused to your roofing system whether it’s the roof and insulation, the fascia and soffits or the shingles and underlayment. Call Cooley Roofing at (336) 766-6488 for a quote on your roof damage repair today.

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