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Follow these Tips!

local roofing company can help extend the life of your roof

It’s inevitable, at some point you will need to replace your roof. If you’d like your roof to last as long as it should, there are three things you should do. They take a little bit of time on your part and some investment with a local roofing company, but in the end, your roof will last longer when you follow these tips.

1.      Keep Your Roof and Gutters Clean

When debris sits on your roof it can prematurely rot your shingles. When you keep your roof clean, either by using a blower to blow off leaves and pine needles or removing larger debris by hand, it won’t have the chance to rot on your roof. You also want to keep tree limbs from scraping against your shingles as that will remove the granules which are a protective layer of your shingles’ surface.

You may wonder why clean gutter affect your roof. When the water from clogged gutters backs up onto your roof, it causes damage. If the bottom row of shingles sits in the water regularly, it will eventually soak up the water and cause a roof leak. Depending how long they sit depends how bad the damage, it can get bad enough that a roof replacement is warranted.

2.      Visually Inspect Your Roof Regularly

You’ll want to do this at least once a quarter but more frequently during storm season. Walk around your home and look at your roof. You may want to use binoculars to spot potential issues. Look for things like:

  • Curled shingle edges
  • Bubbling shingles
  • Dents or holes
  • Misaligned or missing shingles
  • Bent or missing flashing

If you notice any of these things, call your local roofing company for a repair estimate.

3.      Call Your Local Roofing Company for Regular Inspections

When your local roofing company regularly inspects you roof, they’ll find minor issues before they become big ones. Your roofer will likely recommend some maintenance. Don’t put it off. Their preventative maintenance can potentially save you thousands in roof repair costs. If you have a roof less than ten years old, once a year inspections are generally sufficient. If it’s older, consider twice a year.

Cooley Roofing and Construction offers roofing inspections, roof maintenance and roof repair. We’re a local roofing company with a long history in the area and are ready to help you with all your exterior home maintenance. Call 366-766-6488 today for your inspection or roof repair estimate.

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