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local roofing companyThe goal of most of our articles are to help you understand your roofing, siding and window replacement and repair options. Some help you understand the brands and options you have with us. Today we’re going to share why we’ve been a successful local roofing company (and more) with countless satisfied customers for over a decade.


We know that if we don’t use quality products and if we can’t do quality work and you won’t be happy. Because we stand behind the jobs we do, we also know that we’ll spend more time fixing our work if we don’t do it right the first time. Our skilled team members give great attention to detail. We invest in training to ensure they know the manufacturer’s best practices for installation. Quality products and quality workmanship makes us a trusted local roofing company.


You can count on us to show up when we say we’ll show up and do the job as promised. Too many companies say they’ll be there for you, but can’t be counted on after they have your deposit. Of course, there are times that weather delays your work, but we’ll communicate that to you before we’re supposed to be there, not after you call us wondering where we are.


When you call us for a replacement estimate for a roof, siding or windows, we provide a detailed quote. We’ll tell you the work we plan on doing and the products we use. You can be assured that from the shingles or siding you see to the products used to further protect your home that you don’t see, all will be products we proposed in the estimate. We’ll never propose work or a product you don’t need or say we’re going to use one type of material and show up with another.

We Listen

It’s our goal that you’re comfortable with the products and services we recommend. That means we take the time to listen to what you want when it comes to a new roof or a total exterior home makeover. We offer several brands and countless styles so you have choices. When you ask questions, we’ll answer them and help you make the right decision for your home and budget.

We Want to be Your Local Roofing Company & More

As a local roofing company, we take pride in our work. We want you to be able to take pride in your home and be safe and comfortable. That’s why we offer the quality products installed by trained and experienced teams of professionals. It’s our goal that you love the results and process so much that you recommend us to your friends and neighbors. If you’re ready to work with a local roofing company who you can trust to do the job you want done and do it right at a fair price, call Cooley Roofing at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form. We’re A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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