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As your home ages, so does your siding. If you’ve come to the realization that yours needs some attention sooner, rather than later, you may be faced with a decision. If you have vinyl or aluminum siding, you may realize you need to repair sections of it. If you have wood siding, you may need to repair and repaint your home. At what point is it better just to replace your siding? There is not single answer to that question, however, here are some things to consider in your decision.

Type of Issues

Although it’s possible and fairly easy to repair some siding, that’s not always the case. For example, manufacturers discontinue siding styles and colors after a few years. What you have may not be available. Even if you can still get a replacement piece, if yours has faded significantly, the new pieces will stand out from the older. If your issue is more than just needing it reattached to your home, you’ll likely need to replace your siding.

Wood siding is often easier to repair and end up with a great looking home. You’ll have to answer the question as to whether repairing and repainting is worth it. After repeated painting and repairs, the paint no longer lasts as long and you end up with peeling or bubbling paint in just a few years. If that’s your situation, you may want to consider getting a quote to replace your siding.

New Siding Benefits

One of the benefits of new vinyl siding is increased energy efficiency for your home. Some siding has built in insulation for increased R-value, but if the siding you choose doesn’t, your siding company will install an insulative house wrap. Often this brings your home up to current code for insulation and lowers your heating and cooling costs. Many homeowners also report a less drafty and quieter home.

Most homeowners love how their home looks with new siding. If you’re replacing vinyl or aluminum siding, you’ll appreciate the more realistic appearance of today’s vinyl siding. It also comes in many more fade resistant colors as well as many styles. You can give your home a completely new look when you replace your siding. Perhaps the biggest benefit is low maintenance. Today’s products require little more than the occasional rinse when dirt or mold grows.

Cooley Roofing Can Replace Your Siding Too

Cooley Roofing is more than just a roofing company. We can replace your siding with any of our many options. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the right colors and style for you home and budget. Call us today at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form for your free estimate.

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