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replacement window stylesIf it’s time for new windows in your home, there are many options. From choosing the company you want to install them to the brand, style, and color, you have many options. Replacement window styles of all kinds can work in your home even if you only have single hung windows now. Understanding the differences in the available styles will help you make the best choice for your home and comfort.

Single Hung Versus Double Hung

Single and double hung windows look the same from the outside but function differently. Most homes in our area have single hung windows. In a single hung window, the bottom sash slides up. The difference in a double hung window is that the top sash also goes down. A double hung window offers several advantages. First, you can keep small children safe from climbing or falling out an open window by lowering the top sash. Second, both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. Lastly, if the room has only one window, you can open both sashes slightly for some air flow. The drawback is that a double hung window costs slightly more than an identical single hung window.

Casement Windows

One of the more popular replacement windows styles is the casement window. A casement window opens from the side via a hand crank. They seal exceptionally well so they keep out the weather and they can be opened a little or a lot and with the angle can direct air in. The drawback some homeowners find is that the screen is on the inside of the window. These are a great option over a stove, sink or built in where it’s difficult to lift a sash of a single hung window.

Sliding Windows

A sliding window is just like a sliding door in that it opens from side to side. Generally, you want a decent amount of horizontal space for this type of window because you need to be able to slide it open. It’s another good option over a sink or other hard to reach area as they generally slide quite easily. Unlike a casement window, the screen is on the outside. Some people like sliding windows as they offer a good view.

Of course, there are many other replacement window styles like bay and box windows, picture windows and awning windows. Cooley Roofing and Construction offers many replacement window styles and options. If you’re considering replacement windows for your home, call us for your free quote. We can help you select the best window for your space. Call 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form today.



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