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Even roof savvy homeowners may not realize that there is a fair amount of residential low-slope roofing in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem areas. In homes, the most common location for these roofs is on porch additions. In apartments and condominiums, it’s on the walkable roof or patio areas. No matter where you have low-slope roofing, it needs maintenance, repair and eventual replacing. As a residential and commercial roofing company, we have experience in all types of low-slope roofing.

Different Materials for Different Applications

As long as there is enough of a slope, you builder or contractor may simply add shingles to your low slope roof. However, shingles don’t work for every application. In fact, in some cases the shingles are purely decorative and underneath is a low slope product meant for a roof with a rise less than 4:12. On roofs with a 2:12 or less rise, you’ll need a product specific to low-slope roofing. Some options include:

  • Metal roofing
  • Modified Bitumen
  • EPDM
  • TPO

Although you may hear the term flat roofing, roofs almost always have some sort of slope to assist with drainage. It may be as little as ¼” every foot, but there is a slope.

Material Options

Metal roofing requires less maintenance and can last a lifetime. Because it comes in many looks, is more often accepted by an HOA. It can be among the more expensive options depending on the design and finish. Modified Bitumen (also called ModBit) has a life expectancy of about 20 years. It will need careful installation and regular maintenance, especially if it’s a larger roof with seams.

EPDM and TPO are quite popular as they come in white which provides better solar reflectivity and, therefore, lower cooling costs. They are both about the same cost and can withstand heat and cold similarly. TPO roofing continues to grow in popularity over EPDM due to its lower price point and its ability to resist mildew growth.

Walkable Roofs or Rooftop Decks

If your reason needing to learn more about residential low-slope roofing is because you have or want a walkable roof, certain materials are better than others. In addition to finding a material that will withstand foot traffic, you’ll want one that has some non-slip properties. The most common option is a PVC vinyl roofing product. It’s available from several manufacturers under different names but it’s meant to be walked on. So, if you’re talking to a roofer about a flat roof and plan to walk on it, make sure to let them know. That will strongly influence the product they recommend.

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