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Some roof repair and roof replacement questions are similar, so today we’re going to focus on ones that are specific to the replacement process. If you missed or have roof repair questions, click here as we answered some in last week’s blog.

What Happens in a Roof Replacement?

Of all the roof replacement questions we get this, is one of the most common. We’re going to answer it with the assumption that you’re having a tear-off roof replacement. In that process, the team starts by covering your landscaping, then beings removing the roof. Once the tear off is complete, they roof deck is inspected. Either it is fine or repair begins. Assuming the roof is in good shape, the next step is installation of the underlayment. Then shingle and flashing installation. Finally, the roofer seals the flashing. Then they clean up.

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

That depends on the size of your roof, however, most roof replacements take between one and two days.

Why Should I Replace My Roof if it’s Not Leaking?

By replacing your roof before you have a roof leak, you prevent damage. When you wait until you have a leak to begin a roof replacement, you will likely end up needing not only a roof replacement but also repair to your roof deck and possibly new insulation an even drywall repair.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare for My New Roof?

This roof replacement question is often asked, however, the recommendations are rarely followed. Although you don’t have to do anything, there are things most roofing companies want you to do. Although not all apply to every home, if it applies to you, it helps if you take care of the ones that do:

  • Put your cars in the garage only if you won’t be needing them for the day, otherwise, please park on the street or at the far end of your driveway. This helps prevent disruption to our work.
  • Have a plan for your pet. The roof replacement process can be upsetting to your pet.
  • Put away toys and bikes that are in the driveway and yard. We don’t want to accidentally damage them.
  • If you have planter or flower pots on your porch or walkway, move them to your porch, garage or inside. We don’t want a falling shingle to damage them or someone to accidentally trip on them.

If you are at home during the day or have children at home, you may want to have a plan for them as well. The noise will make napping difficult and can be overwhelming for children and adults.

In What Instances Will You Postpone My Roof Replacement?

As you can imagine, strong storms are a safety hazard for our workers. If strong storms or long periods of rain are in the forecast, we may need to push back your installation until the weather improves. However, if it’s just a short rain or some drizzle, we can work through it or pause for a short time. Low temperatures are another reason we sometimes postpone a roof replacement. Installing shingles in below freezing temperatures is never a good idea.

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