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Although we don’t offer window, door or siding repair like we do for roofing, there are a few things you can do to help prevent damage to them. With regular exterior home maintenance, you extend the life of your windows and siding. Some maintenance helps reduce energy usage. Some improves your home’s curb appeal.

Exterior Home Maintenance That Reduces Energy Usage

Your windows are responsible for the most heat loss in your home. Although the windows themselves may be to blame, that’s not always the case. If you look at your windows, you should notice a continuous bead of caulk around the entire window frame both inside and outside your home. If you do not, you should replace the caulk. It takes just a few tools and a few minutes per window but could save you significantly on your heating and cooling costs.

Also check each window’s weather stripping. This can easily wear out. When replacing it, you restore the window’s energy efficiency. Your doors have weather stripping too. If you can see light or slip a dollar through your door and door frame, you need new weather stripping. We recommend taking a small piece of the old weather stripping to your home improvement store to ensure you get the right type and size.

Clean Your Windows & Siding for Increased Curb Appeal

It’s one of the easiest and most dreaded tasks. Assuming you have fiber cement, aluminum or vinyl siding, simply hosing it off makes your home look better. And, if while cleaning your siding, you’ll notice if you have any loose pieces, look to see if you can reaffix them. If not, find a company who specializes in siding repair. Of course, if you have wood siding, make sure to paint or stain it before rot sets in. As for your windows, when you clean them you’ll be surprised at just how much brighter your home is.

Think of Cooley Roofing When You Need New Windows or New Siding

Even though preventative exterior home maintenance may mean you don’t need us to replace your siding or windows for a long time, we hope you remember us when it’s time. We offer free quotes for new siding and windows. And, remember, there are many tax credits currently available for new windows and other energy efficient home improvements. Because we only use quality name brand windows and doors that are ENERGY STAR® compliant, we can help you choose the right ones that qualify. Call us today to schedule your free quote at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you.

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