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It seems that the groundhog was right and spring is here. (Or we can all hope he was right at least.) With spring comes many household tasks. Many people think about AC tune ups, changing their smoke alarm batteries, and deep cleaning their home. However, neglecting the roof on your home can mean you end up with problems down the road. We encourage our clients to take care of roof and gutter maintenance every year, at least once a year. Here are some simple things you can take care of.

Clean Your Gutters

This should go without saying. If your gutters are not flowing freely, you can end up with damage. There are many ways to clean them – Wikihow and YouTube both have lots of advice. Or, you can hire a gutter cleaning company. If you never want to deal with cleaning them again, ask your roofing company about installing gutter guards. If, while you are cleaning, you notice they are not well affixed to your home or there are holes, cracks or leaks, it may be time for new gutters.

Clean Your Roof

Leaves and debris often accumulate in roof valleys or on roofs with a low slope. If you have anything sitting on your roof, clean it off. One way to clean it is by gently hosing your roof off. Never use a pressure washer or high-pressure nozzle as you can remove granules from your shingles which leads to premature aging of your roof. You can also use a blower. Just be sure to blow in a downward direction ensuring you don’t accidently lift the shingles. Both of these require you to be on the roof or on a ladder higher than the debris.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Once your roof and gutters are clean, visually inspect your roof. Look for missing and misaligned shingles. Also make sure that you don’t see deterioration or bent shingles. If you notice any of these, you need to call your roofer for a roof repair estimate and services. Also look at your flashing. One of the leading causes of roof leaks to undamaged, but relatively new roofs, is deteriorating sealant around flashing. Your roofer can easily reseal it which will keep your home dry.

Trim Trees & Shrubs

This may sound like yard maintenance, and it is, but it can also be roof and gutter maintenance. When tree branches rub on your shingles, they remove granules. Granule loss leads to a shorter shingle life. When shrubs grow up and around your gutters, they put pressure on them which can knock them out of alignment which means they don’t properly drain. Gutters that don’t drain can lead to fascia or shingle damage.

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