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When we think of storm damage, we often think about damaged roofs with missing shingle. However, siding and gutters can also take a beating during severe weather. Sometimes severe storms bring down trees that leave behind structural damage or broken windows. When your home is in the path of a storm, you may have visible damage, or it may not be so evident that you have storm damage.

Have Your Adjustor Inspect Your Whole Home After a Storm

Because most people think or see roof damage, they often tell their insurance company that they have roof damage. Instead, when you open an insurance claim, tell them your home sustained storm damage. When the adjustor comes out, ask them to inspect your roofing, siding, gutters and windows. You don’t want to settle or close a claim after your roofer fixes your roof only to later find that you have damage elsewhere.

Who Should Handle Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim?

When your adjustor confirms your damage, you have a big decision; choosing the right company to repair the damage or replace what needs replacing. Although your insurance company may provide names of companies they recommend, rarely is their choice the right company. Often insurance companies choose their “preferred providers” based on who will do the job cheapest. Do you really want the cheapest roofer or siding company handling your storm damage insurance claim?

One Company or Multiple Companies?

In some cases, you’ll need more than one company. There are few contractors who handle replacing drywall, painting, reconstructing damaged structure and installing a new roof, siding, gutters and windows. Those who advertise that they do often sub-contract at least part of the services. However, any time you can limit the number of companies who handle the restoration, it’s the right choice. That way you have one company to call when you have a question or need warranty repair. Try choosing one company for your internal restoration and one for your external restoration.

Consider Cooley Roofing for Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Whether you just have a damaged roof or something more, we can help. Our experts handle roof repair and replacement as well as replacement siding, gutters and windows. We use leading brands and accept all insurance claims. If only part of your restoration is covered by your insurance, we offer financing as well. Call us today to schedule your free storm damage inspection at (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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