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true cost of neglecting commercial roof repair needsDon’t let a commercial roof leak jeopardize your business. A roof leak due to neglect or storm damage ends up costing businesses more than just the cost of the actual repair. If you have a leak and think that you can put off calling a commercial roofing company, think about these hard and soft costs you could end up incurring due to neglecting your business’s roof. Here are a few things that may end up costing your business even though they’re not something your roof repair company will charge you for.

Interior Repairs

Because water follows the path of least resistance, depending on your building and the roof, you could see damage to your ceiling, walls, and flooring. If the insulation in an attic is wet, it must be replaced as well. Not only will you need to write a check to a company for repairs but you will also lose use of that space during the repairs. You may have to close the business for a day or two which will lead to a loss.


Did the water leak damage inventory? What about your computers or other equipment? Replacing inventory or simply paying the vendor can be a big loss. What information was on the computers? Do you have a backup or is this a loss that requires more than replacing a computer? If mold and mildew grew in the ceiling or walls, your indoor air quality could be affected requiring air cleaners or purifiers to remedy the situation. These are a few of the other hard costs you may not think about when you put off your roof repair.

Other Costs

You may find that your utility bills go up because of the roof leak. And if you have repair working on interior repairs, they’ll likely utilize your electricity and may be in and out leaving the doors open which will continue to cost you in increased utility costs.

How about productivity? Are the workers distracting your staff? Are one or more of your team members displaced due to the leak? And could the roof leak or water damage turn away a potential customer? First impressions do mean something and a business who can’t take care of their facility doesn’t make a good first impression on a potential customer.

A commercial roof leak has many costs associated with it, not all of which are just to take care of the roof repair.  If you have a roof leak or haven’t had annual roofing maintenance performed yet this year, call Cooley Roofing & Construction. We’ll inspect your roof, take care of any maintenance issues and provide a quote for any necessary repair. Call 366-766-6488 today.

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