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your roofing, siding and windows are all important elements in an additionWhether you’re working with a building contractor on a whole new portion of your home or adding a covered porch yourself, there are lots of considerations. You want sturdy roofing, siding that compliments your existing siding and energy efficient windows. As you get quotes or plan the project yourself, here are a few things to think about as you plan your addition.


If you’re adding a covered porch or patio, you want your new roof to coordinate with your existing roof. You want it to look like it fits with the rest of your home. When you’re putting a whole new addition on, you want windows that look like the other windows in your home and siding the compliments or matches the rest of the property. You probably don’t want to go through the expense of a new roof, siding or windows for the whole home. When you or your contractor work with an experienced exterior home improvement contractor, they’ll know the brands and style that can make the difference in a great looking house and an obvious addition.


Yes, you can go to a home improvement store and buy windows, siding and roofing and perhaps even install it yourself, however, what will the quality be. You certainly don’t want to attempt the installation yourself if you don’t have the tools or training to tackle it. You want your new addition protected from the elements. Some home improvement stores have “pros” who will do the work for you. However, you don’t get to choose the contractor and they may not be able to work with your timeline. An independent home improvement contractor can get high quality materials and often can work with you or your building contractor on their timeline.


Some manufacturers don’t honor their warranties when not installed by a licensed contractor. Other times fly by night contractors come, do a poor job and disappear leaving you without an installation warranty that’s worth anything. Make sure the products you choose have a warranty and that you receive that warranty because of quality installation. Also make sure that the company installing your new siding, roof or windows offers an installation warranty.

Cooley Roofing and Construction stands behind their work, offers quality products and will work directly with you, the homeowner, or the building contractor. We have vast experience in all roofing types, offer many manufacturers’ products and because we’re locally owned and operated, you can count on us to be here for years to come. If you need new roofing, siding or windows for your entire home or an addition, call us at 366-766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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