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If you consult the long range forecast for our area, you’ll find that most are predicting slightly cooler temperatures and more precipitation than normal. That could mean increased ice which often leads to roof damage. And, although the winters in Winston-Salem, NC aren’t normally severe, your roof still ages (as it does any time of year). So, as a homeowner, knowing what to look for on your roof can help you call your roof repair company before there’s significant damage.

Changes to Your Roof’s Surface

If you’ve not walked around your home and performed a visual inspection, do that as soon as possible. Knowing what your home looks like when it’s in good shape is essential in identifying when something is going wrong. With today’s cellphone cameras, we even recommend taking pictures. Photographic evidence can help in the event you have a storm damage insurance claim. After each bout of winter weather (or strong storm any time of year), walk around your home and look for signs of roof damage including:

  • Bent or cracked shingles
  • Missing or misaligned shingles
  • Sagging roof deck
  • Mold, mildew and black streaks

Knowing what your roof looks like now makes it easier to identify changes that happen that could mean roof damage or a roof leak.

Things to Watch After a Snow

There are few things prettier than a house covered in snow. And, if the sun has yet to come out and the temperature is still below freezing, you should not see the snow melting on your roof. A properly insulated attic keeps the heat in your home rather than allowing it to escape into the attic and melt the snow on your roof.

Once the sun comes out and the temperatures rise, you should notice water coming out of your downspouts. If you do not, chances are you have clogged gutters. This may lead to ice dams. Ice dams, although rare in the Winston-Salem area, can happen. If they do, they lead to gutter and roof damage and more. If you realize you may have a clog somewhere, when its safe to do so, try to remove the debris clogging your gutters.

We Offer Roof Leak & Roof Damage Repair All Year Long

Whether you realize you have a roof leak during one of our winter rains or find something on your roof’s surface that just doesn’t look right, call Cooley Roofing. We will perform a comprehensive inspection and find the source of the roof leak and provide a quote for your roof repair. Fill out our contact form or call (336) 766-6488 for your appointment.

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