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call a roof repair company after termite damage

There are few things more disgusting than finding out you have termites in your home. Although they generally start out on the ground and eat at the wood in your home around its base, it’s not unheard of that they reach the wood in your attic and roofing leading to the need for a roof repair company.

Once your pest control company has eliminated the colony, you’ll need to contact various professionals to make structural and cosmetic repairs. Even if the pest control company didn’t see any in your attic, you should have a roof repair company inspect your roof’s structure and look for damage before you end up with other problems.

Weakened Structure

Your roof repair company needs to inspect your roof’s structure. Because termite create tunnels in wood, they weaken the wood. Although the roof may look fine from the outside, doesn’t mean it’s structurally stable. If even a small portion of the roof trusses have termite damage, you could end up with your entire roof collapsing in on your home.

A Small Termite Hole Leads to More Pests

Because termites eat the wood, they leave holes in many different parts of your home. Your shingles may look like they’re laying flat but even a small hole is big enough for bees and other insects to get through. Larger holes that still many not be visible from the ground could be inviting to rodents. A complete roof inspection can find damage, from termites and anything else, and your roof repair company can make sure you don’t end up with another problem as a result of the termite damage.

Damaged Insulation

Although the termites don’t do direct damage to the insulation, if they were in your attic or roofing system and there is any sort of roof leak, your insulation is no longer effective. Plus, if you had termites that were treated in the area, your insulation likely has chemicals in it. Not to mention the dead termites that may be on your insulation. Once insulation is wet, it’s no longer effective and should be replaced.

If you had the unfortunate experience of termites in your home and suspect that they got anywhere near your roof, call Cooley Roofing & Construction at 366-766-6488. We can make sure that your roof deck, trusses and the rest of your roofing system are still in good condition. If not, as both a roof repair company and roof replacement company, we can help you with whichever option will better solve your roofing issues.

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