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fascia and flashing repairYour roofing system is made of more than just the shingles and roof deck. There are three overlooked roofing elements that need proper maintenance and attention. They are; fascia, flashing and soffits. When they’re not properly inspected and maintained, you can end up with a roof leak or worse.


Your fascia is the part of your roof that holds the actual roof to your home. If you have gutters it may also be what your gutters are affixed to. It may be made of wood, composite, vinyl or aluminum. Wood and wood composite are the most prone to deterioration and rot but can be painted to coordinate with your home. Vinyl and aluminum are more expensive but generally last longer. Keep in mind water can still get behind vinyl and aluminum causing damage.

One of the most common reasons for damaged fascia is clogged gutters. When your gutters are clogged and water runs over them, it not only runs over the front but also the back. This leads to water damage and leaks. Keeping your gutters clean will help prevent fascia damage.


Most flashing is made of metal. Galvanized steel, aluminum and copper are among the most popular options. Ideally your flashing will last the entire lifespan of your roofing but that’s not always the case. When your flashing isn’t properly installed or regularly sealed, you can end up with a roof leak. In fact, flashing is one of the first places most roofing companies look for a roof leak because of how common a point of entry for water it is. When you call a roofing company for an annual inspection, they will inspect your flashing and recommend sealing, repairing or replacing when necessary.


Your soffits are part of the ventilation system for your roof. When it isn’t vented, the attic gets extremely hot in the summer or stays warm in the winter. Both can be hazardous to your roof. When your attic is too hot, your shingles can literally bake from the inside out speeding up their deterioration. If your attic is keeping your home’s heat in during the winter and we have a freeze, you may end up with ice dams which can damage your gutters and roofing.

Make sure the roofing company you use for your annual roofing inspections give you a report on your fascia, soffits and flashing’s condition. Cooley Roofing and Construction always inspects the entire roofing systems during an annual inspection, whether it’s for a home or business. Let us help you keep your roof in top shape and provide any roof leak repair you need. Call 366-766-6488 today to schedule your inspection.

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